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Four Rights Every Student Should Be Aware Of Before Returning To School

Students are entitled to their separate rights and no one on Earth can deny you of that! But the thing is: many school officials and even students are unaware of basic students’ right or legal protections that these individuals are entitled to. Thanks to the COVID-19 vaccine, everything has started going back to normal, with […]

4 Types of Law That Law Students Can Specialise In

There is a common perception that once you get into a law school, you get out of it after becoming a lawyer. Well, that’s true but what type of lawyer you want to become? Many law aspirants believe that their big career decisions are over as soon as they enter into a law school. However, […]

How to write about yourself

It’s another depressing Sunday night, a high school student racks his mind in front of the laptop, struggling to write a detailed essay about himself. The application form needs to be submitted in the morning and he’s still stuck with the opening paragraph… with every tick of the clock, he falls deeper into despair… All […]

Should the System of Community Police Exist?

As slogans like ACAB and abolish police make their way to our screens, we cannot help but contemplate the role of the police system in our society. We all hear statements like “but not all the police cops are bad’ even when the system accounts for more and more race-based violence. If you are thinking […]

7 Stages Of Communication Process

Communication is a means of understanding one another. It is a powerful tool that, if used correctly, can move mountains. The way you communicate is so important that it can turn war into peace and love into hate. So, good communication is the prime quality that every person should have. Sometimes people are not coherent […]

Top 10 Qualities of Successful Students

When students embark on the university journey, they are told to be successful in their academic life. They try hard to configure the basics, which leads them to the following questions: What is the definition of a successful student? How can students achieve their academic goals? So, if you also want to achieve exceptional academic […]

How to Write Your First Book

Becoming an author is a dream of every introvert, especially if you grew up with books as your best friend and your English teacher as your favourite adult. However, while you may have a passion for art, you may not be prepared for the complexity that comes with it. The art of professional writing requires […]

How To Write An Abstract For A Dissertation

If there is one piece of writing that students tend to consider too mentally taxing, too physically draining and too intellectually bankrupting, then it is the task of dissertation writing. It is a task that can stretch itself for weeks, months and in most cases, for years, as most students prefer procrastinating and delaying this […]

How To Write A Conclusion For An Essay?

If there is a process that students detest wholeheartedly, it is then the process of writing an essay, as it comprises extensive researching, extensive analysing, extensive evaluating and an in-depth understanding of different elements. Usually, students tend to consider a task such as this as an uphill battle, as they can’t summon their energy or […]

Reflective Essay Examples and What Makes Them Good

When it comes down to writing a reflective essay, students easily get intimidated or confused as they aren’t sure what to write about. As the name suggests, in reflective essays, you have to essentially discuss the most critical and effective experiences or memories of your life and explain how exactly they impacted you. The implications […]