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Four Rights Every Student Should Be Aware Of Before Returning To School

Students are entitled to their separate rights and no one on Earth can deny you of that! But the thing is: many school officials and even students are unaware of basic students’ right or legal protections that these individuals are entitled to. Thanks to the COVID-19 vaccine, everything has started going back to normal, with […]

4 Types of Law That Law Students Can Specialise In

There is a common perception that once you get into a law school, you get out of it after becoming a lawyer. Well, that’s true but what type of lawyer you want to become? Many law aspirants believe that their big career decisions are over as soon as they enter into a law school. However, […]

How to Write Your First Book

Becoming an author is a dream of every introvert, especially if you grew up with books as your best friend and your English teacher as your favourite adult. However, while you may have a passion for art, you may not be prepared for the complexity that comes with it. The art of professional writing requires […]

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Time Management – Here’s How You Can Do it Right!

What is the most difficult thing you have experienced during your academic years? Is it anxiety, sleepless nights, homesickness or money-related problems? If your stance is that all of these afore-mentioned factors influence your life in one way or another, do you know what the root cause is leading to all these listed issues? Yes, […]

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Tips To Elevate The Quality Of An Academic Paper

Writing an academic paper is one of the fundamental tasks assigned to students in a university. Students are inferred to demonstrate their understanding and knowledge on the subject. Hence, in essay writing, they are mandated to critically evaluate and comprehensively discuss diverse ideas. Moreover, to effectively communicate the message across, a proper skillset of writing […]

How To Write An Abstract For A Dissertation

If there is one piece of writing that students tend to consider too mentally taxing, too physically draining and too intellectually bankrupting, then it is the task of dissertation writing. It is a task that can stretch itself for weeks, months and in most cases, for years, as most students prefer procrastinating and delaying this […]

How To Learn From Your Mistakes

Learning stems from experience. When you make a mistake, you are more likely to avoid it in the future, with an intention to circumvent suffering from arduous circumstances. However, most individuals fail to learn from their experiences due to their inability to distinguish their mistakes. Hence, they find themselves trapped in a toxic cycle, which […]

Self-Grooming During the Stage Of Higher Degree Education

Contrary to popular belief, taking care of physical appearance does not make you vain. Rather, individuals who dress and look appealing, are more confident with themselves and hold an optimistic outlook on life. Consequently, these individuals are received well by others, which further elevates their level of confidence. University students often let go of their […]

How to write a Research Paper?

When students take off for the most significant journey of their academic career, they are envisioned to achieve something great. The urge to flawlessly complete the final projects plus researches compels students to take a step ahead and do everything that can score them the desired grades and earn them appreciation. A research paper is […]

How To Structure A Dissertation

Gone are the days when school and college assignments were merely a formality to get through. With constantly changing trends and evolving competitive market, it has become inevitable for students to take keen Interest in their academic dissertations. After all, research-based experiential learning adds weight to a person’s CV when he goes out into the […]