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Guide: Addiction, Sex, Obesity and Other Problems Faced By Teens Today

Young people don’t live an ordinary life anymore – technology has interfered and evolved every aspect of their life by either amplifying or eradicating their problems. On the one hand, technology has solved issues related to communication; we can now get in touch in more ways than one had ever anticipated before. But at the same time, communication today lacks meaning and genuineness. The digital medium has changed the way teens interact; some even find it to be dysfunctional because social cues have changed.

Their texting habits on their own can indicate how electronic devices and digital medium has changed their lifestyle and the general wellbeing. From their communicational habits to poor exercise and sleeping routine to their dating standard and lack of authenticity, everything has changed, and naturally, so have their problems.

Below we’ve established how much their problems have changed – the frequency and intensity of problems are all unique and relevant.


Do you know that a study conducted in 2017 indicated that an estimated count of 3.2 million adolescents had at least one episode of depression in recent years? It’s going to sound even more shocking when we tell you that roughly 13 per cent of teenagers experience depression before they become adults. Further investigations have proved that the number keeps increasing every year – and the prevalence is especially observed in girls.

There are several possible reasons for this. For instance, the sudden increase in the time spent on electronic devices can be preventing adolescents from indulging in in-person activities. Exercise and sports have shown to have reduced the symptoms of depression in people, and so when exercise decreases in general, the possibility of depression increases invariably. The digital medium has further shown to have instigated feelings of loneliness and FOMO (fear of missing out).

What can teens do to ward off symptoms of depression? Well, depression is curable and its symptoms can be treated by acquiring professional help. If you’re a teen and you feel withdrawn from regular teen social life and academic activities, make sure that you talk to your college or school counsellor at least.


The National Centre for Education Statistics reports that approximately 20 percent of teens get bullied in school. Of course, the report rightly highlighted the adverse impact of social media on bullying activities – they’re more pervasive and humiliating. Do you know that cyberbullying has now taken over other types of harassment?

Anyone could be getting bullied online or otherwise and parents won’t even have the slightest clue, which is why parents need to be acutely aware of what their teen is going through. Parent must be proactive and very much involved in the lives of their child – this is the only way you can help your child deal with bullying.

In addition, parents and friends must help the person getting bullied understand that speaking up is an act of courage and not a sign of weakness. Instead of feeling humiliated, one must always talk about being bullied because this is exactly the kind of strategy that will help you fight back.

Sexual Activity

It should come as no surprise but roughly 39 percent of high school students are sexually active. This is actually kind of a positive sign as the rate of sexual activity has decreased significantly in the last decade, and so has the number of teen pregnancy and teen birth. However, the sudden decline in the number has nothing to do with teens using protection.

Here’s the bad news: Every year, there are over 20 million sexually transmitted diseases, out of which half are amongst the teens. The problem is simple; parents are not aware that their teen is sexually active and so they can’t help or guide them on how to be safe or use protection correctly.

What can be done? Sex is a normal part of life and so it’s vital that parents become comfortable with “the talk”.
The day they become comfortable, their child would start having lesser secrets and they would, in return, come to them for advice whenever necessary.

Drug Use

Roughly 6 percent of high school seniors smoke marijuana on a daily basis. In fact, some would argue that the consumption of marijuana is slightly over the use of cigarettes. Many people believe that marijuana is safer and that it is only there to have a good time.

Although a lot of this is true, its real side effects cannot be neglected. Marijuana might be becoming legal in most states today and its medicinal usage is of common knowledge; one must not forget that it’s still a drug at the end of the day.

It is essential for parents and teachers to have regular open conversations about drugs and their dangers. In addition, prescribed drugs should also be monitored – how much they’re being consumed and if they have any side-effect on the teen.

It’s so challenging for teens to distinguish between right and wrong when the feeling is so good. Addiction is real and it can easily be developed. One must always keep in mind the risk related to it and the severity of overdosing.

Alcohol Use

As we mentioned earlier, addiction is real and it can happen to anyone. Guardians and parents must always have conversations about the risks of underage drinking. You must educate them and enlighten them of your personal experiences and how you regret the time you lost due to over drinking.
Teen or not, drinking is just not good for you as it can have a toll on your mental health and cause you delusions and serious brain hampering.


Americans are more likely to be obese today than any other nation. We have the largest number of overweight children and they’re often targeted and bullied at school. There are so many health risks attached to obesity and it can also impact the self-esteem and confidence levels of the person suffering from it.

What do students do when they need academic assistance? They seek law essay help, right? Similarly, when you see that your child is suffering from obesity, make sure that you take them to doctors and give them proper nutrition and treatment so that they can fight it and be healthy.

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