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How to write a college essay?

Students go through an exciting phase when they complete their high school and enter their dream colleges. It appears adventurous to them to embrace a whole new academic turn in life and start on a new journey. This journey, however, progresses by leaps and bounds and welcomes students with a new academic challenge.

Essay writing is considered to be a daunting task for someone to whom writing does not come naturally. It requires command of language and literature plus a sound knowledge of the structure and pattern. However, with a little motivation and consistency, anyone can write essays accurately.

How To Get Started?

  • Understanding the task: College essays appear to be difficult. Students face challenges in crafting a good essay. For instance, when there is a confusing topic, they become uncertain how to start it. If such situations also relate to you, then it is high time that you should go to your teacher to clarify your concerns.
  • Research your topic well: Once you understand the topic, make a list of topics or focal points that you will be covering in your essay. Keep recording the sources and references in parallel, separately but authentically.
  • Create an Outline: Once you’ve jotted down all the important points, create a rough draft of your essay which may include headings, subheadings, examples, quotations etc.

Create a Draft

Once you have spent time on your research and brainstorming, you need to start organising your content by creating a rough draft or preliminary version of your essay. Keep it simple and open to changes so that any new information could be incorporated easily before finalisation. When you keep a draft simple and raw in the beginning, it will save you a lot of time. Once you’re done researching and you’re certain that no new information needs to be included, fine-tune the amassed data for the final document.

Write an Interesting Introduction

Introduction informs the reader about the topic of your essay. It should act as a window to the whole essay and should give the reader a brief idea of what to expect further. In this connection, an essay is often started with a quote or a popular saying, with facts and figures, and, sometimes to intrigue the reader’s attention, rhetorical questions are also included. Introductions are usually kept generalised to render crisp information.

To sum up this context, there are two important factors to take care while writing an introduction;

Opening Statement: The opening statement should be crafted in such a manner that they draw the reader’s attention from the very beginning of the essay. There are multiple ways to write a catchy opening statement, and the following examples from the different university students illustrate this perfectly:

  • While looking forward to a bright future after your academic career, have you ever wondered what the key factors to success are?
  • Technology has allowed humanity to travel to space, vaccines have eliminated the fatal diseases.
  • If you’re worried about your university assignments for a long time, then you don’t need to anymore!

Proper Summarisation Of the Idea And Topic: Your opening paragraph should demonstrate the main idea of your essay. Also, it should provide some background information in support of your issue statement. It is to be noted that an issued statement comes at the end of an introduction.

Main Body:

The body of an essay consists of the supporting details or evidence about the topic. To strengthen the foundation of the thesis statement, including essay examples is the perfect approach. A writer can include statistics, facts and figures, and examples which are based on proofs and unbiased opinions in the essay. Although, personal opinions can be included as well but jump on it, after establishing proper facts.

Furthermore, the main body should follow a proper pattern, and the ideas should be arranged in a logical order. Make sure your examples support the idea presented and enhance the virtue. It is interesting to note that the main body is generally more specific in both tone and ideas than an introduction. Here’s an example:

Although the invention of cars dates back to almost 100 years ago, however, for decades, they were considered a luxurious necessity. It was only possessed by the rich and the upper class. After the late 90s, they began to become affordable, and the economical prices allowed most of the families to own a car. Even a middle-class man owns a car nowadays and imagining life without it is impossible.


Your conclusion should be well summarised and streamlined. Unlike the approach used to explain a specific idea separately in the main body paragraphs, here the approach is to make the ending statements generic. However, the neatness and precision of your conclusion matter a lot. A good conclusion requires rephrasing and restatement, but it should not appear repetitive as it may take away the crisp of the essay. As a tip, read a conclusion example picked up from some amazing conclusions submitted by the university students.

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