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How to write about yourself

It’s another depressing Sunday night, a high school student racks his mind in front of the laptop, struggling to write a detailed essay about himself. The application form needs to be submitted in the morning and he’s still stuck with the opening paragraph… with every tick of the clock, he falls deeper into despair… All his life, he was living in the illusion that he knew himself, but he can’t even write a single paragraph about it when he most needs to. He has all the ideas but struggles to translate them into words… he thinks that his essay is full of clichés, destined to be rejected long before it even lands on the Admission table.

If you are applying for a degree in a prestigious law school, you can probably relate to this situation. With the help of a law essay writer, this blog provides an extensive guide on how to write a ‘describe yourself essay’ to make your admission in your dream school possible.

You may know yourself better than anyone else would, but writing about yourself can still be hard! Whether you’re applying for college, high school, community service or university, writing a “describe yourself essay” is a must! And the torture doesn’t end here; there’s a possibility that you may find the same essay requirement for joining any sorority club, extra-curricular activities, or for certain types of employment as well.

As a matter of fact, students usually write exaggerated versions of their real selves. FYI, members in the admission committees go through thousands of such essays every year, and they can easily differentiate between what’s fake and what is real…  Is faking your achievements a correct approach? Stop fooling yourself, and discover the correct ways of writing a ‘describe yourself essay’ below:

  • Jot down the important questions

The first step includes listing down all the questions which need to be answered in order to form your essay. When you go through the essay topic, take a deep breath and start listing down all the questions that will help you answer the main essay question.

Let’s assume that the main prompt question of your essay is: “what are the main challenges you have faced in your life?”, the smaller questions would be:

  • What sort of childhood have you had?
  • What is your family’s financial standing?
  • What are the barriers you encountered during your high school period?
  • How does it impact you? How do these challenges influence your goals?

Consider these questions as short prompts. In this way, you will be able to answer the main essay question without missing any details.

  • Choose a format

Some organisations will provide you with details and outlines on how to compose your essay. In case there aren’t any instructions given, it’s safe to go with a standard essay format. It includes an introductory paraphrase, followed by at least three solid body paragraphs, and a kick-ass conclusion in the end.

  • Write about your deeper secrets

Don’t be hesitant to disclose your deeper secrets, excluding the fact you’ve been charged for speed driving or driving under the influence or being expelled from college. Apart from such details, you can add experiences that shine through your essay. For example, you can mention your fears, insecurities and desires… any past experience that still haunts you, or an achievement that you’re proud of. Admission committee craves for something unique and personal, and adding such experiences in your essay will give you an edge over other candidates.

  • Don’t be too pessimistic

As we’ve mentioned earlier, it’s completely fine to add weaknesses and personal fears, but some things are better left unsaid. A run-in with a police officer or personal battle against mental illness is the sort of things which are generally excluded from such essays. If you really want to add those experiences, make sure to highlight the lessons these harmful incidents have taught you and shaped your good characteristics.

Let’s say; you lost a family member when you were young, and had to become the sole bread earner for your family and younger siblings; you can write about how those hardships have made you mature, responsible, and empathetic. But in your essay, emphasise more on the results than the bad experience overall.

  • Make use of personal examples

As this essay is all about you, make sure to make it personal instead of generalising it. For example, don’t write “I’m really good at painting”, instead go for more personalised statements such as, “When I was in fifth grade, my art teacher really inspired me to pursue my interest in painting.” Such examples will help make your essay stand out among other entries.

  • You can write in the first person

This essay is probably the only essay type that allows you to write in the first person. You need the first-person pronoun to tell your story from your perspective. Be it narrative or informative, whatever the format you choose, make sure to write in an active tone using “I” and “me” throughout the essay.

  • Write a strong introduction

Your first paragraph should have that “hook” element to reel the readers in from the very beginning. Go for something unconventional and refrain from using cliched statements! Instead of starting with a quote that has become mainstream, try to start with a story or a joke that reflects your personality.

You can start with something like this: “You must have listened to a story about a girl named Alice; she follows a rabbit to a wonderland that has changed her life. In reality, Alice is me, and I followed my enthusiasm to reach a wonderland, this institute, with hopes that it could change my life for the better!”

Finally, end your essay with a memorable conclusion that stays in the readers’ mind throughout the admission process. Remember, it’s not a research paper and there’s no rocket science involved! Make sure to keep it simple, precise, and casual. This essay should mirror your personality, so make sure to add all the attributes that define YOU!

Good luck!

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