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How to Write Your First Book

Becoming an author is a dream of every introvert, especially if you grew up with books as your best friend and your English teacher as your favourite adult. However, while you may have a passion for art, you may not be prepared for the complexity that comes with it.

The art of professional writing requires extreme sophistication, commitment, ability to deal with stress and self-restraint. If you practise all these and stay dedicated to your goal, you can write your first book successfully. The following guide offers detailed tips on how you can instate the writing process. However, first, hire a write my essay service for your school projects before you get to work:

Create a workstation

Expert writers can work in any environment. You do not need a study or an extra soundproof room to start writing your first novel. However, setting up a workstation can be beneficial in a way that it can push you to start writing.

For instance, if you work at a coffee shop, you would have to make the effort of leaving the house to go there. As a result, there may be days when you do not feel up to it. However, if you have a workstation set up in your living space, you will be invited by it to start jotting down words for your masterpiece.

To create this workstation, make sure that you have a clean and comfortable space that is free from all distractions. If you are working on a laptop, you should disconnect the Wi-Fi to avoid the temptation of watching cat videos online.

Have the essentials nearby

Every writer works according to their own unique pattern. For instance, you may like to brainstorm ideas using a notebook and pencil, or you may have different tabs open on your computer. Either way, ensure that before you start writing, you have your writing essentials nearby. These may include notebooks, pens, sticky notes, printing paper, and a drawing board.

Come up with a plot

In one way or the other, every writer tells their own story. However, even if you have an idea of the plot jotted down, you are required to plan it proficiently. Think about how the story will develop over time. Create ways in which you can connect facts from fiction. Plan and organise your ideas so that your story is built with a coherent flow. At this stage, you must only focus on the basics. This can be the introduction, body, and conclusion. The details can be managed and altered as you go along with the story.

While doing so, make sure that your ideas are original and unique. Reflect on the works of all the bestselling authors and identify what they have in common. Next, use that ingredient in your own work!

Create a schedule to write

Creating a schedule for writing is essential, especially if you have to attend classes. You must create a schedule that encourages you to write at least six hours in one week. This is an ideal amount of time as you will not feel burdened by the pressure.

The schedule should also be broken down into smaller daily subdivisions. For instance, you can spend one hour each day to work on your story. This will give you a free day during the week, which can be dedicated to your academics or social commitments.

Set deadlines for yourself

Being a student, you are used to working under pressure, even if you crumble under it. Even so, you must set deadlines for yourself to stay on track. The deadlines can be weekly, monthly or half-yearly.

In addition to setting a deadline, make sure that you respect them. For this, the best thing that you can do is assign someone with the duty of keeping you on track. Ask a friend or a loved one to keep nagging you until you meet your objective.

Work despite the writer’s block

If you are experiencing writer’s block, do not be concerned about it. This is a natural phase that every writer goes through. However, when you experience this, step away from the project and take a week off for yourself. If you can afford it, go on a mini-vacation, or meet your loved ones.

A change in environment can provide you with an inspiration that can cure your writer’s block. However, if you are still unable to write, force yourself to write down whatever comes to your mind. You can always refine the content later.

Write according to research

To be a successful writer, it is essential for you to write after you have carried out comprehensive research. For instance, if your story is set in the Victorian era, make sure that you are proficiently enlightened about that subject matter. If you miss any detail, even a minor one, your story can lose its credibility. As a result, make sure that you conduct thorough research before writing.

Reflect on the work from the reader’s perspective

Writing and reading are two interdependent processes. When you are engrossed in the role of a writer, you may fail to see what the reader wants. At this stage, your writing might fail to make sense to anyone except yourself. So, make sure that you take a step back and see your work from a reader’s point of view.

If you have trouble assessing your work, ask a trusted friend or a teacher to read and give constructive criticism on it. This will provide you with a clear idea of what you are doing correctly and what you need to change.

Edit rigorously.

Writing requires thorough editing. But, unlike a term paper, editing a novel is extremely difficult. You must exclude errors, flawed ideas, and even some main characters to give the story the perfect structure. Also, two stages of editing should be carried out, once while you are writing, and the next when you are proofreading.


Becoming a writer may not be as easy as you may have thought. However, if you stick to your schedule and write a few words every day, you can achieve your goal of writing your first novel!

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