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Lawyers Themselves Are Students, Even After Graduation

Of course this saying holds true, even if it comes down to just my views. Lawyers themselves are students, even after graduation because they have to study laws (previous and incumbent), at all times to keep track of changes in law and that many cases take months to resolve because of the complexity in the nature of the cases at hand. Also, since examining cases is not as easy as 2+2 = 4, the lawyers themselves have to become detectives and forensic experts to explore other avenues of cases where their clients or the people they are defending could be saved.

How important is it to study laws for lawyers is a very silly question because it’s the lawyer’s job to study laws, their clauses and anything that can counter them for the good. Lawyers have to work diligently and with honesty in order to ensure that the people they represent are given justice and are also given peace, given the fact that legal matters are not just complicated but also need resolution that is responsible and free from any wrongdoing. Lawyers cannot afford to botch up cases and that they also need to look at relevant laws. In a case of family rights, they cannot argue on the basis of business and labour laws and whereas for business to business related cases, consumer laws cannot be held as basis for argument. Also, defending someone is not easy as well as apart from evidence; many other avenues have to be considered to ensure the case is going in the right direction.

Passing the bar exam is the first step because that gives the law graduate his/her license to practice law whether or not the graduate is self-employed. Even those working for law firms as well as other corporations need to pass the bar exam first so they can have good knowledge of how the legal system works and how to at least combat the issues that need expertise and help of legal advisors and professionals. Anyone with a law degree cannot be considered as a lawyer, barrister, attorney or judge unless and until he/she has passed the bar exam at the initial level as well as other pre requisite exams in order to be qualified for that position. Also, many graduates do pass the bar but pick up the wrong kind of people to defend just to earn lucrative sums of money when such is practically not possible as not everyone is evil.

Legislations are also need to be studied by lawyers as well because if they are defending immigrants, especially from those areas where due to terrorism things have gone out of hand for the law enforcement authorities, then lawyers must study each and every legislation and concerned amendment in order to ensure the people they are defending can be defended with resolute justification. And if they intend to settle within the country, say the United Kingdom, then they must win the case with proper justification.

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