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Should the System of Community Police Exist?

As slogans like ACAB and abolish police make their way to our screens, we cannot help but contemplate the role of the police system in our society. We all hear statements like “but not all the police cops are bad’ even when the system accounts for more and more race-based violence. If you are thinking the same, then law essay writing service has a solution for you because we have picked the best and the worst aspects of having community police in our society.

While some people largely agree with the agenda that the police should be defended gradually, others believe that different institutions should be powered enough to have a competition with the police and taking away the money from security forces will just paralyse them. So let’s look at the debate and how it has been used in favour and against the police for decades.


First, we will present the pros as in, how does have police benefit our community.


  1. Brings the Community Together

This is the argument that we often hear from a lot of people. Joining a system like that of the police can be healthy because it ensures that each member of the society looks after another. When there is a common goal, it is only natural to feel a close bond with the police and this is why it is stated that the institution can help the website with all the differences.


  1. Crime Deterrent

Let’s face it, whenever we see any sort of crime our first instinct is to press 911. This is because even though the system is largely flawed, we do trust in them to make the situation better or diffuse it. The police provide vigilance to the community and make sure the rate of the crime ranks lower in order to make the city they are serving safe.


  1. Educating the Community

Like we said earlier, people have some sort of historic trust in the system because they believe that the cops will come to their rescue no matter what. They feel a lot comfortable in the presence of the police knowing that if any situation becomes worse, they will be there to guard them. Police stations also serve as education centres as most people are not aware of what action to take against any criminal activity and police guides them about the process.


Commitment to Community

The place takes an oath to protect the members of the community and this is why they are bound by the law to make sure all the cities are safe. This creates peace within the society and ties the institution with a sense of responsibility towards the people.


So while the above-mentioned points hint towards what the police should do to serve the community, the realities are not quite positive. In fact, when people ask for abolishing the police, they have justified anger against the system that is responsible for a lot of oppression.

  1. Struggle of Power

The police system creates a clear difference between the civilians and the officers, which means that some people try to get into the force to assert their dominance over the members of the community. They use the authority for personal vendettas as visible by a lot of instances of violence. Usually, since the uniform is seen as a sign of loyalty to the state, anyone who does anything that the police officers do not like individually can be mistreated in the name of their badge and gun.

  1. Creates Disruption

A lot of things that the state considers crimes are actually not defined by that term, so the police have a story of defending the oppressors and working against the common interest of the community no matter what their personal beliefs are. The police system is only considered important when we have to fight against crimes so if you think about it, if the crime is finished from the world, the institution would become unnecessary.

Some people argue that crime stems from the system itself because it is largely manufactured by the state itself to keep people in check and find any excuse to retain the police system.


  1. Varied Ideas

Like we said above, we all have different ideas of what crime is. Recently, in an incident of hate crime, a black man was pulled over by a police car because the officer found him guilty of speeding. Now, this is something that we are all guilty of doing. The man’s treatment at the hands of the police was terrible and it obviously stems from the historic prejudice that white police officers hold against the black community. This is why it is not safe to trust the police and some people argue that it never was because the system was built to do exactly what they are doing.

If you look at the statistics you will realise that community policing was never able to actually decrease the crime rate. In fact, it creates disruptions in already peaceful lands and treats people harshly, making a divide in the community.

This is why calls for abolishing the system are considered right by the majority as if we would not have a system this powerful to keep the citizens in check, maybe we might never need it. Furthermore, during the Black Lives Matter protests, the institute exhibited the worst forms of brutality and this only added more to the argument of defunding the institution because all it has done so far is harm the different communities living together.

Ijeoma Oluo sums up the argument pretty well in the book So You Want to Talk About Race, “I know that it’s hard to believe that the people you look to for safety and security are the same people who are causing us so much harm. But I’m not lying and I’m not delusional. I am scared and I am hurting and we are dying. And I really, really need you to believe me.”

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