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Time Management - Here’s How You Can Do it Right!
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Time Management – Here’s How You Can Do it Right!

What is the most difficult thing you have experienced during your academic years? Is it anxiety, sleepless nights, homesickness or money-related problems?

If your stance is that all of these afore-mentioned factors influence your life in one way or another, do you know what the root cause is leading to all these listed issues?

Yes, it is none other than poor time management skills. As a student, you have a lot on your plate to worry about, and you can only keep up with the academic pressure, professional responsibilities, and personal obligations if you use your time wisely.

Having said this, it is imperative to note that polishing time management skills is a gradual process; you have to take small steps first to meet your objective. To help you do so, below-presented is a comprehensive guide to manage your time effectively:

Cut Distractions from Your Life

If you want to improve your time management skills, the first step is to eliminate distractions from your life. These disturbances can be as small as a notification and as big as your nosy friends urging you to prioritise their company over obligations on your end. Both of these distractions, despite their impact scale, can be destructive for you.

This calls for the need to optimise and eradicate distractions from your life. For this purpose, you can sign out from your social media accounts or, better yet, switch off your cell phone. As for your friends, you should refuse their requests by enlightening them about your tight studying schedule. In this manner, you will conserve a lot of time on the clock which can be utilised in other productive activities.

Garner a Good Night Sleep

Sleep is an integral part of our everyday routine. Sound sleep for seven hours can assist you to function smoothly throughout the course of the day. Therefore, if you want to make the most of your time management strategies, work on getting proper sleep.

In case you experience difficulties sleeping at night, it is recommended to avoid taking naps during the day. Also, you should not let your mind wander off into the lanes of thinking so that you can fall asleep as soon as you lie onto the bed. As a tip to keep yourself from overthinking, try using the ‘sheep counting’ technique.

Slot Your Working Timeline

You should distribute your available hours among different activities obligatory on your part. For this purpose, you should observe your most productive hours of the day so that you can allot those hours for toilsome activities.

Firstly, you should jot down all your obligations on a piece of paper. Next, you should list your appointments, such as your class timings or working shift. Once you have all this major detail down, you should create a working timeline that meets all the listed conditions.

Finalise a Timetable

After creating an initial working schedule, you should test it out for a day or two before finalising it. Interestingly, most of the timetables sound good in theory but not in practice.

In case your trial does not turn out well, you should create another one keeping the setbacks experienced from the first schedule into check. For instance, if you formerly accommodated your studying session in the morning hours and your performance is not satisfactory, you can consider rescheduling your studying hours.

Keep a Tab on Your Performance

Your responsibility does not terminate after creating a timetable, and you need to monitor your working performance. For this reason, you should plot a Gantt chart so that you can assess your performance and the required input in real-time.

Also, you can ask involved people for feedback so that you can improve your skillset even further. In this connection, you should welcome constructive criticism without getting offended. Moreover, it is recommended to write the provided remarks down so that you can ponder over them effectively.

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Install Break Intervals

The human mind is liable to get exhausted after a certain time. At this saturation state, the human mind refuses to process any information and, thus, all the invested effort goes to vain. To avoid reaching such a point, it is recommended to embed breaks in your working routine. For instance, a ten-minute break after one-hour studying session will be sufficient to restrict fatigue build-up.

During this break, you can consider taking a nap, grabbing a bite, talking to a loved one or any other activity you find soothing. Once you are relaxed enough, you can get back to your activities. Intriguingly, this practice encourages productivity and helps an individual cover a comprehensive amount of work in minimal time. Thus, if you want to manage your available time, taking breaks is important.

By using the suggestions mentioned above, you can make the most of the available time. So, what are you waiting for?

Polish your time management skills now!

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