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We recommend you to read all our terms and conditions carefully before placing an order on our website. Before you place your order, you first have to acknowledge that you’ve read and understood all the terms and conditions provided.

Note: The words mentioned in terms and conditions like “we” and “our” refers to Law Essays Help, unless stated otherwise.

Service Usage: You will not be allowed to use anything as your own. The paper can only be used as a reference material for your assistance. If you use our paper as your own this may result in academic theft. This may also cause dire consequences for you.

Trademark/Copyright: Everything that you see on the website including images, written content, graphics, music or anything else, is the company’s property, in its complete entirety . Anything that is used on this website cannot be used anywhere else instead of this website.

Contact Details: Our clients can contact via phone, email and live chat at any time. If you don’t get any answers, our customer service team will get back to you ASAP.

How To Make Payments: Note that you have to clear all your payments on time. If the payments aren’t made on time, your task will be delivered late. You can direct transfer or deposit them in the company’s accounts. All account details will be sent to you while you place your order.

Disclosure Of Personal Information: We have the right to take some personal information from the clients. This information will be saved and won’t be disclosed to anyone else except the government of UK, if required.

Customer’s Account: You will be responsible for your account. The account details will be given to you by the company. Customer can also change or modify his profile from there.

The company has the right to make changes in their terms and conditions at any time.

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